Why Kansas?

Building Business. Building Partnerships.

As a businessman for nearly 30 years, the Commerce Secretary, Antonio Soave, knows the value of the business climate in Kansas. Secretary Soave has seen first-hand what the infrastructure, workforce, tax policies and economic climate can do for businesses of any size.

From Secretary of Commerce for the State of Kansas

Antonio Soave

I am very excited to have accepted the position of Secretary of Commerce for Kansas. I am formerly the President and CEO of Capistrano Global Advisory Services, and I am intrigued and overjoyed at the opportunity I will now have to bring my experience and knowledge to the State of Kansas. I look forward to the challenge that Gov. Sam Brownback has presented to me, and I hope to be able to show current and prospective Kansas business owners why I and many businesses have settled in the Sunflower State.

Kansas has a unique business outlook, as it boasts a wide-range of industries. Kansas is well-known for its sprawling agricultural fields and cattle, as well as for its oil reserves, an aviation sector and a bio-science industry. But it is also a conservative state that prides itself on fiscal responsibility. Kansas was recently named the fifth best Pro-Business State in the nation, according to Pollina Inc. Businesses that choose Kansas can also look forward to the future of technology as Kansas is fast-becoming a high-tech hub. With a population of just over 2.9 million, Kansas packs a heavy economic punch with a proactive legislative and regulatory environment and major advantages in costs, taxes, skilled workforce and major transportation assets. All of this has combined to make the Sunflower State a haven for investment and innovation. All in all, Kansas is open for business.